Rob's Ducati 748SP

Front Quarter View (768x512x24bpp = 102k)

Right Side View (768x512x24bpp = 111k)

Left Side View (757x512x24bpp = 114k)

Panoramic View Over Melbourne (768x512x24bpp = 76k)

The above photos were taken at the Yarra Boulevard in Heidelberg, Melbourne, Australia. This corner is the first of a series of about 10 km of a nice mix of sweepers and twisties. Some parts of the road are starting to become a little rough through both "tourist" traffic to the local boathouse, and the performance motorcycle and car drivers who frequent it during the week/weekends. It is unfortunately patrolled fairly regularly by motorcycle police, who I have it on good authority enjoy the road just as much as everyone else. It's not uncommon on a sunny afternoon for 20-30 sports bikes to be lined up at this scenic outlook over the Melbourne skyline.