History of Changes to this Site

3-AUG-98Updated Victorian Club details and minor cleanup
25-JAN-98Added Pics of my Ducati 748SP
28-DEC-96Added kW->hp and Nm->ft/lb conversions for all stats
24-DEC-96Updated links
29-NOV-96Added actual pics of SV1800
23-NOV-96Updated Contact details for NSW Club
18-AUG-96Added link to NT Club Web Site
18-AUG-96Added link to Official HSV Site
10-AUG-96Updated Contact details for NSW Club
21-JUL-96Added link to ADP AutoConnect
19-JUL-96Added info on Ducati Motorbikes in links
17-JUL-96Press release on new Security System
7-JUL-96Updates to other links
7-JUL-96Updates to HSV Club page
7-JUL-96Changed to white 'plain' background
7-JUL-96Put press releases all together
7-JUL-96Removed most icons, down to bare minimum
13-MAY-96HSV Press release on Customer Service Strategy
1-APR-96Added current prices to VS vehicles
12-MAR-96Info on HSV Excelerate Magazine & HSV Simulator Cockpit
25-JAN-96Went to 'Black' Embossed backgrounds and coloured text
23-JAN-96Removed 'custom HSV horizontal rulers'
23-JAN-96Fixed it so the links to other pages went to full screen, not framed
20-JAN-96Major redesign in order to reduce bandwidth
15-JAN-96Killed the big graphic & added some icons & stuff to make it smaller
06-JAN-96Added Height & Width characteristics to inline pics for faster load
06-JAN-96Added SV89 (couldn't believe I left it out!)
05-JAN-96Added Client Side Imagemaps
05-JAN-96Made FRAMES work properly (finally!)
31-DEC-95Support for Netscape 2.0 FRAMES (on a trial basis)
23-DEC-95Added 3D Logos for Holden
22-DEC-95Updated VP, VR, VS Stats
17-DEC-95Added 'form style' suggestions feedback page
17-DEC-95HSV 3D Animation, Pictures of Stereo in my car
16-DEC-95Revised layout of welcome page, loaded 3D Logos
11-DEC-95New book release info, New links to other sites
06-DEC-95Added Astra SV1800 and HSV Jackaroo info
23-NOV-95Added 'HITS' graph - unfortunately this is manual!
11-NOV-95Added characature of me onto the "About Me" page
25-OCT-95Web page gets promo in "Street Machine" Magazine
17-OCT-95Web page gets a mention in "The Australian" Newspaper
11-OCT-95Added GTS-R Media Release info
10-OCT-95Added GTS-R Specs, Tasmanian Club and NT Club info
30-SEP-95Added 'Home Page' Button & link to every page, info about my stereo
27-SEP-95Added picture of VL F20 & Covers of HSV Books
09-SEP-95Added tables to most pages
09-SEP-95Added new clickable front graphic!
06-SEP-95Updated some info RE: Clubs
01-SEP-95Page Counter seems to be working 50% of the time
28-AUG-95More details about all VL and VN models
27-AUG-95Try to get page counter to work... who knows!
01-AUG-95Made it easier for plods who are Netscape impaired to download JPEGs.
31-JUL-95New sites, cleanup, 'About me!" page
10-JUN-95Added HSV Pics of VP Senator, VP Senator 5000i Engine bay, VP GTS, VP Maloo
10-JUN-95Added HSV Pics of VR Senator 185i, VR Clubsport, VR Club Sport Wagon
10-JUN-95Added VQ Statesman 5000i
08-JUN-95Added VP Club Sport pictures & stats
07-JUN-95Fixed some minor errors with titles
07-JUN-95Updated links to other sites
31-MAY-95Redesigned Home page to be neater (Added HSV Buttons)
31-MAY-95Moved Other links to a separate page
28-MAY-95Changed Pic of Senator 5000i to HSV Glossy
28-MAY-95Added more textual specs on each pictured model (upto VP)
26-MAY-95Added some Netscape specifics such as backgrounds
14-MAY-95Site went online for the first time!