MEDIA RELEASE, 26th February, 1996

HSV customers can now top 300 km/h, speed through corners on the limit of adhesion and not worry about radar traps or speed cameras.

And they can do it all in the comfort of their own lounge room.

HSV is launching at the Melbourne Motor Show its entry into the sales and marketing of two new race car simulators that, combined with a normal personal computer, take the "driver" to 32 different Formula 1 and Indycar tracks around the world.

The simulator can pit the driver against a field of up to 30 computer generated opponents or can be linked to a second simulator for true wheel to wheel racing.

The HSV Simulators are available in Holden Racing Team livery as the HRT/S Model or as a HSV Clubsport (Clubsport/S Model) and HSV recommends a 486/66 computer with a minimum of 8 meg of RAM.

HSV can also recommend the computer set-up optimised to run the software.

The Driver has full control of all car functions including suspension set-up, gear ratios and aerodynamic packages.

Fuel load also needs to be calculated and races can be up to 100 laps in varying weather conditions.

Both HRT/S and Clubsport/S feature extensive use of carbon-fibre components and include a Formula 3000 leather-clad steering wheel, racing seat, adjustable steering column, adjustable alloy pedals, a seat shaker with 25 Watt amplifier, a hinged nose cone and, for that authentic touch, an aluminium drink bottle and tube.

The simulators fold up for easy storage and feature rear wings, steering wheel-mounted and leather trim.

The prices are $2,995 for the Clubsport/S model and $3,995 for the HRT/S. Strong demand has already been established with HSV Retailers for their reception areas.

With the current craze for golf, motor bike and aviation simulators HSV anticipate strong demand for these products which will be marketed through its parts and accessories division and according to HSV boss John Crennan will display the initiative HSV has become renowned for as well as providing another tool for strengthening HSV's brand identity in the market place.

For further information contact HSV Parts & Accessories Department (03) 9265 9500.

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