HSV further protects the investment of its owners with new VS upgrade


July 12, 1996

Would-be car thieves will now face a world-first security strategy that is standard equipment on the new generation of HSV’s high performance cars.

HSV's new Integrated Security System (ISS) uses a state of the art immobiliser and a production-line strategy that sees rolling changes in the way each car is fitted with the units and the various configurations of the internal electronics.

Based on a number of different fitments and electronic fingerprints, the new system means car-theft rackets can't simply study a singly HSV car, learn how to beat the security system then begin stealing cars. HSV cars with ISS are now four times harder to steal.

The immobiliser itself, is a sophisticated self-arming unit that knocks out the car's fuel supply, ignition and starter motor.

The new system will add considerable time to HSV's production process but believes that reducing the chances of somebody cracking the system is well worth the extra effort.

NRMA Insurance has investigated the new system and production process and agreed to substantial premium reductions for the latest generation of HSV cars.

And the good news continues as the system can be retro-fitted on HSV cars back to Series I VR models right now with retro-fit kits being developed for earlier models to be available soon. HSVs offices in various states will coordinate this service.

As well as the adoption of ISS, the latest generation HSV cars also feature a range of changes and upgrades.

Model specific badging has been changed for a fresher look along -with trim upgrades on most models.

Power windows and mirrors are now standard fare on all HSV models (previously optional on Maloo and Manta) as well as a leather park-brake handle and shift lever on automatic models.

The Level 2 stereo head unit is now standard on Manta, Club Sport and Senator with that model also gaining steering-wheel mounted stereo controls.

Senator also gets a trim upgrade to a Devenish/Kepple combination and a flocked glovebox to ensure the level of plushness on this model.

An improved fashia console cap for both manual and automatic Club Sport models has also been adopted.

HSV commenced the build of their new generation models with ISS in the last week of June.

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