HSV History Site

This site is put together for all those people who own, or dream about owning or driving HSV cars.

It will try to document at least one example of each vehicle that was/is produced by HSV. Most photos have been sourced from either my personal library or from promotional material supplied by HSV, Holden Dealers or other media sources.

HSV Media Releases

What/Who is HSV?
(1988-89) - HSV VL
(1989-91) - HSV VN/VG/VQ
(1991-93) - HSV VP/(VQ Ser II)
(1993-95) - HSV VR
(1995-96) - HSV VS
(1988-93) - Other HSV Models
The Official HSV Web Site
Club Information
Other Automotive Sites

Update history of this site.
HSV Books - Availability & Pricing
Computer Generated HSV Logos
Coming one day - The History of Holden

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